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Hmmm, now where did we put that…?


Is it possible that this guy could actually KEEP his job!?! This is Philly after all…

Or is it a Housing party...?

What could possibly have motivated the city to do such a thing!?!

Both today’s Inquirer and Daily News had stories about the latest issue that has kept us a laughingstock…

Likely another slick move by City Council because the issue does not affect them at all. Not for the reason you think, that they’re total Luddites, but because, well…

Brand Philadelphia

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Style

Under Consideration’s BrandNew design blog listed the Philadelphia logo as one of the worst redesigned identities for the year 2009.

At least they only had to see the final version. Below are some of the ones that didn’t make it…

You can buy stuff with these authentic logos at:

(Inquirer headline 8/4/10)