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Often political attack ads ask the same question. “Who is…” a particular candidate.  Well, WHO do they LOOK like?


We wish election day WAS a beautiful day in the neighborhood...


We almost killed Sandra Day O’Connor, Philly police infiltrated protesting puppeteer groups in advance of the GOP convention, and now we’ve got locals at the Oregon Diner pretending to be “hicks” from West Virginia (love those down-home accents).

Politics are crazy in Philadelphia (and maybe a little dangerous, too)!  We still can’t believe our own president has had a large projectile thrown at him during a rally in Germantown (kudos to his security detail…).

These enhanced images give a good view of the flying book and it’s title.  The big question is still: Who would have been motivated to throw such a book and how could they have gotten so close to a US president?


"The Pet Goat" where have I seen that title before...?



…really weird commercials.  We liked her a lot better when she seemed merely kooky.  But now her campaign is down right creepy.  We’ve also noticed that most political ads are completely over the top this year,  and the following is no exception…

Looks like the Ducks will be back in business next spring, but on the other river.    Some of the thrill will definitely be gone in the switch from the Delaware to the Schuylkill — with no out-of-control barges to dodge for example.   Perhaps this is why the mayor keeps reminding everyone how interesting and scenic the Schuylkill is.   But the company said the extra traffic was not a consideration.    The implication remains that the Schuylkill is safer than the Delaware , but many people don’t think it’s the location that’s a problem.  It’s the boats themselves…

How can we be so sure they won't quack up again...?