Christmas Village Idiots? No! Holiday Village Idiots

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Bidness, Style, Tourism

The city’s Managing Director, Richard Negrin (should he change that to Chagrin?) has put Philly back on the map with a “no other place…” incident.  First we had a Christmas Village, then we had a soon-to-be Holiday Village, then perhaps a village that-dares-not-have-a-sign, and now we’re back to Christmas.  The story was picked up by national news outlets and even Pat Robertson and his Christian Broadcasting Network weighed in on the controversy.  Of course, there were the (obvious) references to village idiots, but what was lost in the shuffle was a short-lived compromise.  Phunny Philly just happened to be there when Mayor Nutter came up with, what we considered, a brilliant compromise.  Unfortunately nobody else thought it was so clever, so this sign was removed almost immediately.  We post the photo here for posterity.

Hey! What about people who celebrate Festivus!?!

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