Tartaglione: poster child for elections agency reform

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Criminal Activity, Politricks

Renee Tartaglione recently “retired” in advance of censure by the city’s ethics board after being ratted out by foe, Angel Cruz .  Over a couple of years she violated the ban against city employees engaging in political activity.  Her city job charged her with running fair elections, which must be a little restrictive when you’re stumping for one candidate over all others.  Interestingly, while her hubby’s in federal prison she’s also the local Ward leader – no conflict of interest there for a city employee…..

Well, she’s paid her fine, collected her pension and has promised, PROMISED to not return to city employment for at least a whole year!  I’ll bet you a million bucks she’ll be back on the city payroll before you can say “Mommie Dearest.”


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