Magazine names Phila. No. 1 for holiday spirit

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Sports, Tourism

But it’s the magazine from USAirways…the airline that charges for curbside check-in and PROHIBITS you from tipping the baggage handlers.  So I guess they have a different definition of “spirit.”

Okay, I can see how we’re more spirited than Phoenix, where they let you die waiting for a transplant.  And we are a bit livelier than DC, but Rio and San Francisco?  Come on…

Here’s a quote from a guy who just got a job shilling for the city (let’s see where he is a year from now):

According to Jack Ferguson, the incoming President & CEO of the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, “Philadelphia is a generous, passionate, spirited city…”

This story reminds me of another spirited Philadelphia holiday story…when Santa was booed and pelted with snowballs.

Santa, prior to a spirited attack by Philly phans.


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