“Gun cases tossed out, suspects walk out” — Philadelphia’s Judge Patrick

Posted: December 19, 2010 in Criminal Activity, Politricks

There is some controversy about the current dealings of Philadelphia’s gun court, but they may have more to do with state law than any bias in the courtroom.  Judge Paula Patrick may be a truly fair jurist, applying the law as written, though some may see her as a liberal who’s soft on crime.

At the same time, politics makes strange bedfellows and it looks like the Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association might actually support this judge.  And unlikely as it may seem, the NRA could even consider her for an award

Interestingly, it is apparently legal to openly carry a gun in just about every corner of this state, and it seems like you can carry a gun if required by your job.  Anyone who’s watched “The Wire” realizes that no job requires a sidearm more than that of drug dealer (illegal yes, but a job just the same).

You be the judge...the devil is in the details...


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