The US military has now admitted that being gay is no big deal, but the Boy Scouts of America remain a holdout against sodomites.  They’re not a bunch of sissies like the Marines!  It seems our local Boy Scout council had adopted a non-discrimination policy, but the free-thinkers in the national council put the kibosh on that inclusiveness crap.  The city then threatened to evict the group from their building, so the BSA’s national body sued, and the courts have now sided with the Scouts.

The decision allows the Scouts to buy the building for a good price and then they’ll forgive a million bucks worth of legal fees incurred by the loser (us taxpayers). We’ve been paying the scouts rent for decades, so it only seems fair we don’t have to pay their legal bills as well.

But local gay activists still feel the scouts are in the wrong and want to buy the building  themselves.  The Boy Scouts have furiously battled the homosexual agenda at every turn.  Guess they don’t want to end up like the Girl Scouts.  The BSA want to protect America’s (male) youth from impurity, and we all know that HETEROSEXUAL men never molest boys.  Sure, there’s been some hanky-panky in the BSA, but they prohibit gays from joining in the first place so…um…hey wait a minute…

Anyway, I say sell the building to the pro-hetero, pro-religion, pro-svelte Scouts.  They can man up and shoulder the burden of true ownership – mortgage, taxes, L&I, water bills, predatory developers, etc. – without any help from those nancies in City Hall.

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