“Philadelphia’s condom contest”

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Health, Sex, Style

Last January, New York City solicited (no pun intended) new designs for the wrapper of the condoms doled out by their health department.  Philly may actually be a “sexier” place than NYC (based on government STD data) so sponsoring its own condom contest isn’t a bad idea

The winning New York design is simple and understated.  I suspect the Philly entries may be a little more in your face.  The contest ends on January 14th and you can enter here

We were able to obtain some early design entries that were rejected immediately – though we’re not sure why these didn’t pass muster.  Maybe some violated copyright?  Anyway,  until the actual winner is announced later this year, enjoy!

Guess these designs couldn't even make it to first base...

Everyone would have called him William Penis. But everyone enjoys a long roll...

  1. travelingmad says:

    Interesting. Now I want to see what design will win.

  2. irishdancer40 says:

    http://www.condoms.stdphilly.org this is where you can check out, and vote, for the top 5 designs for the condom design.

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