“Comcast, NBC Universal deal gets FCC approval”

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Bidness, Entertainment

Comcast, that public spirited media outlet, has finally received the blessing of the feds to go ahead with it’s domination of the airwaves, though there are still plenty of naysayers (not the least of which may be local sports fans).  Approval took a while, and even Brian Roberts was forced to do a little lobbying to insure the happy event went through.  But the benevolent totalitarian media corp made a few concessions in order to become an even bigger entertainment behemoth.  Non-subscribers may still be able to view competitor’s content online, but sites like hulu could ultimately end up as casualties…

Anyway, the company can now get to work on their new corporate image, though there has been some preliminary graphic design work already.  Phunnyphilly has been able to get a hold of just a few of these promotional items…

Thursday nights may never be the same...and there's nothing funny about it.


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