IF YOU CAN READ THIS…too bad! You still have to change your sign.

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Bidness, Urban Blight/Bling

As always, the federal government has its priorities straight and finally they hear their constituents telling them that America is not going in the right direction.  But maybe this isn’t what folks meant…Anyway, the feds are requiring communities to replace existing street signs with new, easy-to-read ones.  A study determined that most of America’s street signs are simply too hard to read, and hence unsafe.  One of the sponsors of the study (3M Corp) manufactures reflective materials to be used in the new signs (hmmm, no conflict of interest there…but maybe a hot stock going forward).  Locally, some communities see this mandate as civic uglification and are fighting it.  Aesthetics aside, this is going to cost millions for cities that can ill afford it.  Then, again,  maybe it’s a good thing for de-populated, urban areas where there are few remaining buildings – with no landmarks, how else will you know where you are?

I think BADLANDS just looks better in all caps...


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