“Cheesecake” Less Safe than Virtual Beating?

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Criminal Activity, Entertainment, Sex

When it comes to reliable parenting advice, who wouldn’t trust the US Supreme Court (especially those wise conservative justices)?  A recent court hearing on a California case barring sales of violent video games to minors, hints that Justice Scalia believes video violence for kids is protected by the constitution while sexy photos are not.   So a 16 year old who sends a cheesecake photo of herself to her BFF can be prosecuted as a child pornographer, but a 16 year old who beats, shoots and tortures people on a phone app is just exercising first amendment rights.  I know I’d much rather have my kids playing “Postal 2” than sending “American Apparel” type photos via their cell phones – it’s just a question of safety.


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