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The state of some of Philadelphia’s schools is practically Medieval, but that should change soon with the Renaissance Schools program. And who could be a more enlightened team to awaken the potential of these schools, but A. Rahim Islam and Kenny Gamble of Universal Companies? Maybe Kenny thinks that with a little help any high school can look like the one on “Glee,” even if it sounds like Philadelphia.

But education in America is a business pure and simple, and Mr. Islam is a money guy so who better to fix our broken system? He must know something about school kids as well because he has nine of his own! Speaking of money, Universal got half a million bucks from the Feds last year thanks to School District support (note: one of Universal’s board members is chairman of the School Reform Commission and works for Duane Morris LLP which donated $60,000 to Tom Corbett). Now the district is providing financial support to Universal as well by paying the company to take over more schools. (Why the district yanked Universal’s previous contract at Vare Middle School is not clear.)

Perhaps as an example of “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got til You Lose It”, some students and teachers are protesting the takeover of their schools, but whadda they know or, more importantly, WHO do they know?

Well, the whole Renaissance is only going to cost about $20 million and maybe it will change the course of education history in Philly. Don’t worry, it’s gonna be GREAT! We PROMISE. If not, we still have Hope.

Speaking truth to power is still heresy


It wasn’t exactly “pay to play.”  It sounded more like pay to STAY….EMPLOYED!

Former interim US Attorney, Laurie Magid, had her underlings write personal checks for politicians so she could engage in shameless self promotion disguised as fundraising and hopefully get herself a judgeship.  If she were my boss I might have been willing to “pay-to-make-her-go away,” but her actions were, at the very least, unethical.  However, her predecessor, and recipient of her largesse, Patrick Meehan, is vouching for her honesty and says she’s misunderstood.  It (allegedly) was Magid’s caterer husband who actually threw the bashes and Laurie was just a guest.  Yeah…right.

Nice to see that corruption in Philly is practiced at the federal level as well.  Below is our Go-With-The-Flowchart simplifying Magid’s scheme.

We have to hand it to Milton Street.  He is truly a post-modern politician – maybe even closer to post-apocalyptic…None of that blatant pandering to a liberal or even a conservative constituency.  No, his base is comprised of former felons and ex-offenders.  A base that may not even be allowed to vote! Which is a pretty ballsy campaign strategy. This is definitely a new take on the prison-industrial complex…

But one thing is for certain, he won’t have any trouble putting together a staff in this town.  We have plenty of public servants who have served time.  Here are a few of Phunny Philly’s recommendations for new hires in a Milton Street administration:

Vince Fumo – finance chief or energy czar

Rick Mariano – revenue collection

John Perzel – parks and recreation

Daniel Castro – police commissioner

Mathew Clemmens (vomiting sports fan) – health department

Carl Greene – housing (though technically he’s not a criminal)

Corey Kemp – licenses and inspections

It's Showtime!

When an established couple splits after a long time, everyone wants to know why.  Phunny Philly is certainly not above idle gossip, but being ever so slightly prone to conspiracy theories, we wonder if current speculation is really on the mark.  With a little digging we’ve found some ponderous comments leading us to believe there may be a third party involved in this very friendly separation  

David Cohen, of Comcast, has known the former governor for many years and appears to be involved in the situation in some way, as evidenced by this comment:

…”Although Ed and Midge Rendell are obviously a public couple, this decision is a personal one and a private one,” said David L. Cohen, the former governor’s longtime close friend and confidant.  

And what about this strange quote (in the same article) from a woman who appears to be close to the former governor?

“If I were a man, and not 6 feet tall and blond, would this even be an issue?” asked Snow, who was Miss Pennsylvania in 1994.

 Seems to me these two have been in bed together before…

Another merger?