Milton Street for mayor?

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Criminal Activity, Politricks

We have to hand it to Milton Street.  He is truly a post-modern politician – maybe even closer to post-apocalyptic…None of that blatant pandering to a liberal or even a conservative constituency.  No, his base is comprised of former felons and ex-offenders.  A base that may not even be allowed to vote! Which is a pretty ballsy campaign strategy. This is definitely a new take on the prison-industrial complex…

But one thing is for certain, he won’t have any trouble putting together a staff in this town.  We have plenty of public servants who have served time.  Here are a few of Phunny Philly’s recommendations for new hires in a Milton Street administration:

Vince Fumo – finance chief or energy czar

Rick Mariano – revenue collection

John Perzel – parks and recreation

Daniel Castro – police commissioner

Mathew Clemmens (vomiting sports fan) – health department

Carl Greene – housing (though technically he’s not a criminal)

Corey Kemp – licenses and inspections

It's Showtime!


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