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Saveur magazine has voted Philly one of the best sandwich cities around.  There are a dizzying array of varieties in this city and they are good.  San Francisco may be more livable, but those folks can NOT make a decent sandwich, so this is a nice honor for the City of Brotherly Loaf!

Maybe it’s not surprising we’re so good at portable meals, because our elected officials certainly know the meaning of take-away.  And the appetites of some of our fearless leaders appear to be HUGE.

We Like a Lotta Bread!


Our heart goes out to the people of Japan, some of whom we know personally.  Now one of the most pressing concerns there is the state of the damaged nuclear reactors.  Let’s hope they can stave off further disaster and get the situation under control so life can begin to return to normal.

Lucky for us Pennsylvanians, nothing like this could ever happen here.  We really don’t have earthquakes…oh, wait, WE DO have earthquakes!?! But they’re not as bad as, say, California.  Huh!?!  The damage could be WORSE in Pennsylvania!?! This from Lehigh University:

“…Many of the rocks in Pennsylvania are old, crystalline, and fractured. When a magnitude 4 or 5 earthquake strikes Pennsylvania, the energy from the earthquake is transferred much quicker and farther than in the Western United States. An earthquake that causes little damage in California, Oregon, or Washington, may cause considerably more damage in the Eastern U.S.”

Well, at least the Marcellus shale gas drilling activities won’t contribute to increased earthquake risk.   What!?!

But these are all worst-case scenarios — the kind of thing sissy environmentalists and liberals worry about.  We can rest assured that all these facilities have fail safe programs in place just like BP did on their deep drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico….ummm…let me use another example…

Yo!  The sixth borough is still #5 – the fifth largest city in the US!  Now that we’ve actually gained (instead of lost) some new citizens for the first time in half a century, it’s time to find something for all those folks to do.  The city is planning to create a  jobs commission to study the issue and, hopefully, come up with ways to spur growth.  According to The Metro, the 17 member commission will have half its members appointed by the president of city council.  And who better to have their fingers on the pulse of 21st century employment, than those young whippersnappers on city council!  They also have their work cut out for them since we are the least entrepreneurial large city in the country.  Though I’m sure we gained more entrepreneurs than we lost over the last decade….

A little long in the blue tooth...?


And here’s one GREAT IDEA if you’re looking for a better workforce.  How about a personnel office that actually understands the jobs they are supposed to hire for, and doesn’t manipulate the civil service process for unqualified family and friends.  There are “professionals” in the city who can’t even pronounce some of the words in the printed job descriptions, much less determine who’s qualified.  A SMARTER city simply can’t have morons as gatekeepers for city jobs in the 21st century.  Phunny Philly has plenty of examples of highly qualified candidates who were deemed unqualified – way to go HR!

It's rarely WHAT youse know. but who youse know...

It looks like our Governor may spare one of the highest revenue producing industries in the state from any new taxes in the upcoming annual budget.  I guess if the industry is exempt from environmental regulations why not exempt them from taxes as well?

It’s not like they’re doing anything but good – creating jobs, saving us from evil foreign energy and paying landowners for mineral rights.  What’s not to like?  But now that liberal rag, The New York Times has a series of namby pamby articles about gas drilling that makes the process sound worse than originally thought.  A bunch of wussy tree-huggers are panic stricken over a little extra radiation in their drinking water.  Sure the Marcellus shale has a higher than normal level of radioactivity, but nothing to worry about.  And anyone with an 8th grade education knows that fossil fuels are much more valuable than water – we simply can’t afford NOT to drill.

I wonder what gas futures will look like 15 years down THE ROAD?

Gives a whole new meaning to “Killadelphia”…

Once again we’re number one:  we’re fat, we’re dumb, and now we’re poisonous!  Now, it should be stressed that we had some help with this win by including Camden and Wilmington, so the “metropolitan statistical area” surveyed for this ranking goes beyond the City of Brotherly Love.  But no sense squabbling over details.  We are the biggest player so we’re claiming this honor for ourselves.

I’m sure that something good will come out of all this.  Our elected officials will now be embarrassed into insuring our improved environmental health going forward.

The R.I. P-stone State