Governor Corbett’s First Budget Battle: Frackers: 1, Schools: 0

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Bidness, Fracking, Green, Politricks

It looks like our Governor may spare one of the highest revenue producing industries in the state from any new taxes in the upcoming annual budget.  I guess if the industry is exempt from environmental regulations why not exempt them from taxes as well?

It’s not like they’re doing anything but good – creating jobs, saving us from evil foreign energy and paying landowners for mineral rights.  What’s not to like?  But now that liberal rag, The New York Times has a series of namby pamby articles about gas drilling that makes the process sound worse than originally thought.  A bunch of wussy tree-huggers are panic stricken over a little extra radiation in their drinking water.  Sure the Marcellus shale has a higher than normal level of radioactivity, but nothing to worry about.  And anyone with an 8th grade education knows that fossil fuels are much more valuable than water – we simply can’t afford NOT to drill.

I wonder what gas futures will look like 15 years down THE ROAD?

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