“Potential meltdowns at Japanese nuclear plant stir concerns here”

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Fracking, Green, Politricks

Our heart goes out to the people of Japan, some of whom we know personally.  Now one of the most pressing concerns there is the state of the damaged nuclear reactors.  Let’s hope they can stave off further disaster and get the situation under control so life can begin to return to normal.

Lucky for us Pennsylvanians, nothing like this could ever happen here.  We really don’t have earthquakes…oh, wait, WE DO have earthquakes!?! But they’re not as bad as, say, California.  Huh!?!  The damage could be WORSE in Pennsylvania!?! This from Lehigh University:

“…Many of the rocks in Pennsylvania are old, crystalline, and fractured. When a magnitude 4 or 5 earthquake strikes Pennsylvania, the energy from the earthquake is transferred much quicker and farther than in the Western United States. An earthquake that causes little damage in California, Oregon, or Washington, may cause considerably more damage in the Eastern U.S.”

Well, at least the Marcellus shale gas drilling activities won’t contribute to increased earthquake risk.   What!?!

But these are all worst-case scenarios — the kind of thing sissy environmentalists and liberals worry about.  We can rest assured that all these facilities have fail safe programs in place just like BP did on their deep drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico….ummm…let me use another example…


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