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Now, why exactly is this guy in trouble…?  Ohhh, Lloyd Ayers thinks the view of his nipples will disturb children.  Well, maybe MR. AYERS’ NIPPLES would be frightening to children, but this guy looks like a superhero!  I can’t imagine why the top brass would be miffed about this, can you?

Good cops....fat cops


How can Michael Nutter be so disingenuous as to appear completely clueless in the Mosaica/Foundations debacle?  If he were actually that oblivious, then we would already BE Detroit!  And Dwight Evans should have to serve detention for the rest of his term for his bad behavior.  Robert Archie is trying to make money any way he can under the guise of educational reform, but you would think our elected officials would show some restraint where the city’s kids are concerned.

Foundations, Inc.  looks like it’s practically a branch of the Philadelphia School District, albeit privatized and exiled to New Jersey, but connected just the same.  Mosaica looks like they may do some good, but are clearly in it for the money as well.  Still, if parents and teachers at King High School wanted Mosaica, and they’ve no choice about privatization, then give them what they want.  But, nooooo.  Our Joisey-based homies aren’t about to lose out to some Atlanta team.  Dwight Evans was probably ready to rumble, so those polite Southerners high-tailed it back below the Mason-Dixon line.  But now even Foundations has wimped out due to the brutal nature of  “school reform.”  Our schools must be even more dangerous than I thought…

But  it’s the same old story.  Philthy lucre is for philthydelphians and education is a business.  Reward your friends.  You don’t need to worry about students.  As Ebenezer Scrooge said: “Are there no prisons?!?”  Well, yes, as a matter of fact there are, and they’ve been privatized, too and are looking for inmates!

When you're a jerk you're a jerk all the way...

In any political race everyone wants to know:  Who are these guys?  An obvious and simplistic response is: Who do they look like?

Like any good coach, Mark Squilla has organized neighborhood teams to clean up playgrounds, where the neighbors can (what else?) play games in safety.  Does he have that competitive edge to win the primary?


Joe Grace seems like that sort of up-beat, affable guy who’d be a great travel guide.  And he’s lived in several arondissments as well as toured and knocked on doors all over the first district – If it’s Tuesday this Must be Fishtown!  Will he get the chance to rewrite the guide on how council business gets done?

But Jeff Hornstein IS worrying and has not learned to love radiation, as he testified against fracking at City Hall back in March.  He also wants to make Philly less strange in its business and tax practices.  He’d be in the pink if he won the primary.


Vern Anastasio seems like the kind of guy, who if he’d been born a couple of generations ago, would have become a parish priest.  A decent priest, not one of those creepy ones who’ve given the Catholic church an even worse reputation.  Maybe a little like Sinatra in Miracle of the Bells.  Perhaps there will be a “Miracle of the Bella Vista” and he’ll win the primary.

If Milton Street can run for mayor, why not “The Donald” for president?  Admittedly, Trump is not exactly the hometown candidate, but he did graduate from Wharton.  Another Philebrity (who graduated from Temple and NOT that ivy league school)  seems to think Trump is full of sh*t.  And The Cos is not alone – none other than Karl Rove apparently thinks Trump’s aspirations are laughable.  One issue that seems to have Bill Cosby steamed is Trump’s embrace of the “birther” argument – which has been completely debunked even by the conservative media.  Though it should be noted, The Donald has shown his keen knowledge of the Constitution by assuming a foreign-born citizen can become president…

Well, Mr. Trump has yet to make it official, but imagine the entertainment value of seeing him up on the Capitol steps on a windy January morning…

American politics is a hair raising adventure!