“GOP insiders embrace Trump’s presidential bid” (well, maybe not all of them)

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Philebrity/Celebrity, Politricks

If Milton Street can run for mayor, why not “The Donald” for president?  Admittedly, Trump is not exactly the hometown candidate, but he did graduate from Wharton.  Another Philebrity (who graduated from Temple and NOT that ivy league school)  seems to think Trump is full of sh*t.  And The Cos is not alone – none other than Karl Rove apparently thinks Trump’s aspirations are laughable.  One issue that seems to have Bill Cosby steamed is Trump’s embrace of the “birther” argument – which has been completely debunked even by the conservative media.  Though it should be noted, The Donald has shown his keen knowledge of the Constitution by assuming a foreign-born citizen can become president…

Well, Mr. Trump has yet to make it official, but imagine the entertainment value of seeing him up on the Capitol steps on a windy January morning…

American politics is a hair raising adventure!


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