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Miley Cyrus  is jumping on the anti-Urban Outfitters bandwagon.  There’s already plenty of on-line animus toward the Philly-based company (just google “Urban Outfitters sucks”), but with her publicizing UO’s founder’s support of Rick Santorum there may be a serious backlash.  OMG!!!  WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO THE EMPLOYMENT RATE FOR PHILLY HIPSTERS!?!? And who’s going to keep that cool cafeteria going down at the Navy Yard?!?!

UO’s founder apparently started out as an anti-establishment leftie, but his politics have come full circle.  (Interestingly, Judy Wicks is his ex-wife and UO co-founder who has mostly stayed true to her progressive business roots despite some accusations of union busting.)  But Richard Hayne is a true conservative (Philadelphia Weekly noted the true establishment ethic of the hipster chain way back in 2003) who has supported Rick Santorum and does not appear to support queer culture, despite his fashionably outfitting it.  Do trendy young people even really care about this sort of thing anymore?  I say just do the smart marketing thing and capitalize on the Santorum/UO relationship

(We also suspect that Rick might just be a queer fish as well...)


Hmmm…I wonder what sort of mistake those judges could have made?

C’mon, you know the first image that popped into your head when you read this headline.  I was thinking maybe the recoil was what harmed the kid….

Hopefully this was the work of some poor summer intern under the gun (no pun intended), working on deadline and not some tasteless joke.

The  New York Times has “typos” all the time now, too.  You’d think with the limited number of print journalism jobs available that a major daily would be getting the creme de la creme.  This is why education is important.  If we don’t fix our schools then everything we read in the future is going to look like LOLcats

Yes, many people honest and truly believed they would be taken up to heaven on Saturday while the rest of us sinners were left behind in misery until the true end of days.  What can you say about those folks?  Many of them are broke now, so I suspect you’ll be seeing plenty of judgement day paraphenalia showing up on ebay very soon.

Lots of local folks were among the rapt, and the Inqy had a great article about planning for the armageddon — I suggest Laurel Hill Cemetery do a little zombie research just in case…Today’s Daily News had a sad story about a shell-shocked true believer, but apparently the judgement day has just been postponed so it’s not a total downer.

The City’s Managing Director even made a nod to the rapture in encouraging folks to be prepared for ANY emergency, and the spirit moved us to make a post-apocalyptic video!

Isn’t it bad enough that Asia Coney is pulling down a six-figure salary and still taking up space in government subsidized housing?  Does she really need a car supplied by the government?  Did she have to pay herself twice?  Did she have to skim extra money for her friends so they could cover their expenses?  I guess she thought the answer to all those questions was yes.  But this is a person for whom nothing appears to be sacred in the pursuit of cold hard cash.  Even Toys for Tots was not beyond plundering.  She pilfered some of the high-end toys ostensibly bought for that program and had her son sell them on ebay…Even forPhiladelphia this is stunning.

Gives a whole new meaning to re-gifting...or should we say re-GRIFTING?!

A new report commissioned by Catholic bishops in the US seems to claim that those wild countercultural times back in the 60s and 70s are to blame for all that sexual abuse.  I guess being celibate used to be easy, but then when everyone else was “gettin’ it on” those poor priests just couldn’t control themselves.  Sounds completely reasonable….

Back in the day nobody even had sex so priests were all innocent like Bing Crosby in the movies.  But then came the evil Woodstock festival and all that anti-establishment craziness and suddenly it was free love all the time.  What’s a young priest to do?  Unfortunately the only potential partners available were altar boys, so, well, you know…

Makes you wonder what was REALLY going on at those guitar masses...

Uh, oh!! Now we may REALLY become the Sixth Borough…What are they gonna call us? They’ve got SoHo, NoHo, and Dumbo (too bad that’s already taken…).  Maybe we’ll become known as COBLO (City Of Brotherly LOve).  At least I hope it won’t be something as bland and annoying as renaming the Gayborhood, “Midtown Village.”

Regardless, you may as well say goodby to our actual metropolitan moniker and say hello to even more astronomical housing prices. Thanks, AMTRAK!

Give my regards to Broad Street...

Some of Mike’s donations are sort of intriguing.  I guess he gave Frank DiCicco a little cash to tide him over until his DROP payment comes through.  Then Frank’s patsy, oops, I mean protege, Mark Squilla will continue to fight the good fight with the Mayor’s full and financial backing.  The more things change…

Milton doesn’t have ANY actual cash donations as of yet, but one of the biggest towing companies in the city is backing him.  Who needs to buy TV advertising when you can have the Mayor’s SUV taken to an impoundment lot?  Maybe “Parking Wars” will be all the TV exposure Milton needs…

Preposterous as it seems, I don’t think we can rule out T. Milton as a viable candidate.  This city is crazy, the firefighters are supporting him, and Nutter is not well liked.  Another Mayor Street is not completely beyond imagining, though it would be unbelievable.  Milton also seems to have a way with money, so he may have some tricks up his sleeve to increase his campaign war chest…