“Nutter releases campaign finance data, dwarfs Street”

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Criminal Activity, Eating/Drinking, Politricks

Some of Mike’s donations are sort of intriguing.  I guess he gave Frank DiCicco a little cash to tide him over until his DROP payment comes through.  Then Frank’s patsy, oops, I mean protege, Mark Squilla will continue to fight the good fight with the Mayor’s full and financial backing.  The more things change…

Milton doesn’t have ANY actual cash donations as of yet, but one of the biggest towing companies in the city is backing him.  Who needs to buy TV advertising when you can have the Mayor’s SUV taken to an impoundment lot?  Maybe “Parking Wars” will be all the TV exposure Milton needs…

Preposterous as it seems, I don’t think we can rule out T. Milton as a viable candidate.  This city is crazy, the firefighters are supporting him, and Nutter is not well liked.  Another Mayor Street is not completely beyond imagining, though it would be unbelievable.  Milton also seems to have a way with money, so he may have some tricks up his sleeve to increase his campaign war chest…


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