“Suit says Greene aide took from nonprofit : A former PHA liaison says Asia Coney misappropriated thousands of dollars.”

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Criminal Activity, Hou$ing/Real E$tate, Politricks

Isn’t it bad enough that Asia Coney is pulling down a six-figure salary and still taking up space in government subsidized housing?  Does she really need a car supplied by the government?  Did she have to pay herself twice?  Did she have to skim extra money for her friends so they could cover their expenses?  I guess she thought the answer to all those questions was yes.  But this is a person for whom nothing appears to be sacred in the pursuit of cold hard cash.  Even Toys for Tots was not beyond plundering.  She pilfered some of the high-end toys ostensibly bought for that program and had her son sell them on ebay…Even forPhiladelphia this is stunning.

Gives a whole new meaning to re-gifting...or should we say re-GRIFTING?!

  1. Wastrel says:

    If you look at the article… it appears that everyone at PHA is making over $100k. I just don’t understand how that is a good thing. I forsee many tales by Mr. Countabillidee.

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