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There’s great news for those of you who miss or are nostalgic for this….

or this….

Ron Rubin is coming to the rescue thanks to a little bon-voyage legislation courtesy of Frank Dicicco!

Mr. Rubin and his big-hearted Real Estate Investment Trust will, hopefully, be putting up lots of big, bold signs along Market East sometime in the near future.  And since PREIT is all about shopping, maybe, just maybe if we’re lucky enough, we’ll have ANOTHER CENTER CITY MALL along the corridor as well.  One with big, vacant anchor box stores!  Or even a DOWNTOWN SLOTS PARLOR!

We’re going to miss Frank on city council (well, not really, because Mark Squilla will certainly be relying heavily on the veteran for “advice”), but what a great legacy!  Millions of square feet of bland retail space and huge signs as far as the eye can see!  Sort of like Times Square meets “Dawn of the Dead.”



Looks like Michael Nutter didn’t have to go all the way to Geno’s to eat some crow…He was able to order in!

Would Chris Christie meet with Snooki?  Exactly, no way!  So why does Hizzoner bother with this hash-slinging, self-promoting bigot?

Yo, youse want some humble pie wit dat?

C’mon, lay off our hardworking city officials.  Some of them might even decline their cost of living increases this year.  Sure they’re compensated better than many other municipal representatives around the country, but they make way less money than celebrities.  And the media acts like a 12 week vacation is excessive.  It’s not like they’re union employees whose salaries come from taxpayer money…oh, ummm…forget that last part.

Are their HEADS in the sand?

DUH!!!  Why do you think the city’s personnel department includes this question in the online job applications?  TO INSURE THAT PEOPLES’ RELATIVES GET HIRED FIRST!

Officially, it's who youse knows...

If the tax base is made up of homeowners, and the homeowners find the taxes too onerous, and they can’t send their kids to the local schools then they very likely will leave the city.  So then if less property is available to be taxed, what happens to school funding?  I don’t think we really need to worry because those fiscal conservatives at the helm of the SDP always seem to act responsibly!

Well, at least those hard-working Teamsters will still be able to afford their homes in New Jersey…ooops, I mean in Philadelphia, now that their livelihood of  delivering obesity-friendly beverages to the locals has been saved.

It may be a long hot summer, so drink up!

These would have gone down easier than the property tax hike...

Okay, now it’s official.  City Council is only concerned with bullsh*t.  PLOP stands for exactly what it sounds like….

Brings to mind that quote, "The law is a ass."


 But let’s take a closer look at this Save Our Pools thing…the last thing you want in a swimming pool is dookie – any sort of dookie.  So why in god’s name would you come up with a fundraiser involving excrement?!?  And if you’re going to do such a thing, you might as well go whole hog and (as a colleague suggests) find some cute, Seussian rhymes to get your message out there.  Isn’t it obvious that POOL rhymes with STOOL…

Back in the day a lady never revealed her age.  And since it’s still 1957 here in the City of Brotherly Love, Karen Brown could just be considered discrete.  Of course in reality, it is 2011 and the city does have an ethics policy.  Whatever,  in my book she’s no Thacher Longstreth