There’s great news for those of you who miss or are nostalgic for this….

or this….

Ron Rubin is coming to the rescue thanks to a little bon-voyage legislation courtesy of Frank Dicicco!

Mr. Rubin and his big-hearted Real Estate Investment Trust will, hopefully, be putting up lots of big, bold signs along Market East sometime in the near future.  And since PREIT is all about shopping, maybe, just maybe if we’re lucky enough, we’ll have ANOTHER CENTER CITY MALL along the corridor as well.  One with big, vacant anchor box stores!  Or even a DOWNTOWN SLOTS PARLOR!

We’re going to miss Frank on city council (well, not really, because Mark Squilla will certainly be relying heavily on the veteran for “advice”), but what a great legacy!  Millions of square feet of bland retail space and huge signs as far as the eye can see!  Sort of like Times Square meets “Dawn of the Dead.”


  1. […] denies that Market East is sort of shabby, but we’re a little vague on exactly how giant billboards are going to improve things.  Maybe that 2-acre parking lot is going to be transformed into a […]

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