Councilmanic Depression: Gerrymandering at it’s worst…

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Politricks, Uncategorized

Every ten years, consistent with the census, the City Charter requires council to redraw voting district lines as population shifts.  This has led to one of the WORST GERRYMANDERED DISTRICTS IN THE COUNTRY!

The council has until September to create the new boundaries, which is plenty of time, unless, of course, your job offers a 12 WEEK VACATION!  The most glaring issue this time around is the fact that half the city lost population while the other half gained so carving it up may not be that easy…

At least council is handling this themselves and not using some fancy-schmancy, high tech agency like the city’s GIS unit.  That free AAA map, a knowledge of the ethnic make-up of the ‘hoods, and a pencil is all they need!  And since the shape of the districts are wide open, here are a few fun suggestions…


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