Street Food You Can Trust: 1st Annual Vendy Awards

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Bidness, Eating/Drinking, Entertainment, Style, Tourism

Today is the day of the Vendy’s  (and no, that’s not Yiddish for Wendy’s) –  an award served to the best food truck in Philly, which will compete with other vendors at the Piazza at Schmidts.  (zwarte piet, posting on said, “well it is good to see someone other than criminals facing off at the piazza”  and I’m afraid we have to agree).  It looks like a good time even if there is a pretty steep “cover charge” to watch the cooks face off.  Usually if you’re eating at a food truck it’s because you want a cheap meal and $55 ain’t cheap.  But it is a benefit after all so splurge! enjoy! fress! hanoe hobn!

It should be mentioned that there have been food truck competitions in other cities, but knowing Philly and it’s ruthless efficiency, I suspect this one may be just a bit different…

Guaranteed to give you indigestion...


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