Karen Brown: Pander Bearish on Public Education

Posted: July 10, 2011 in Edutainment, Police/Fire/Unions, Politricks, Skool Districk

Good for Karen Brown, she’s gonna create a revolution like the good Tea Partier that she is (ignore the fact that she was a Democrat just last year)!  First she’s going to save public education by abolishing the teachers’ union! Hmmm…is that really the FIRST thing you’d do to fix our schools?  Well, whatever….

And, not to say she doesn’t have stellar academic credentials, but I may have to quibble with her mathematical skills.  She had trouble figuring out her age for several years running.  She also, apparently, founded the Southwark Civic Association, although there has been an association by that very name since the 1990s IN LONDON.  I’m afraid it’s a bit like that song says “don’t know much about geography” because her Philadelphia association is not even within the acknowledged boundaries of what used to known as Southwark (now Queen Village and Pennsport).

Maybe this is her driving ambition, to save children from the rotten education she herself received.  She might want to start by spelling the word “education”  correctly on her official election website…

How do you spell "refrom"?


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