Tales of the Serenghetto

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Edutainment, Green, Nature

We work in the city, and not a particularly nice neighborhood, nor exactly rural (the sort of area whose most abundant forms of wildlife are the pit bull and cock-fighting chickens). However, we have a significant greenspace and a resident groundhog.  One of my colleagues named it Snuggles (don’t ask…).  Snuggles has been there a couple of years and even had babies last year.  Baby groundhogs are pretty darn cute.  Anyway, my coworker came down to my cube last night all excited to tell me a bird was riding on Snuggles.  Civil servants are an odd bunch, but I thought, “he’s really lost his mind now.”  So I looked out the window and, sure enough, there was Snuggles with a starling following her.  Then the bird hopped up on the groundhog’s back and started pecking at stuff in its fur!  And Snuggles just kept waddling along eating grass – just like those rhinos and tickbirds on the Serengeti!

 Who knew you could have an episode of Animal Planet in the middle of the ‘hood!  (Disclaimer:  groundhog photo has been “retouched”.)


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