“Nutter in Rio with EPA to teach, learn about green development”

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Bidness, Entertainment, Green, Politricks, Tourism

In reality, who can blame the mayor for flying down to Rio at this point in time?  With brazillions of dollars in delinquent taxes uncollected and juvenile delinquents doing the bossy nova on innocent pedestrians, it’s not exactly carnival time here in the City of Brotherly Love.  And it looks like Rio may truly be a sister city because, according to Wikipedia, they also suffer from corruption, violent crime, functional illiteracy and poverty.

In the same way that Philly can teach Rio, perhaps they can teach us a thing or two.  Like how to infuse a little more “joie de vivre” into our own New Year’s Day “carnival,” which is often like a plodding sporting event staged by overweight plumbers in elaborate drag.

The Feds are picking up the tab for this trip, so showing Rio how to go green shouldn’t cost the city any green (that’s the official story anyway).  Are the Feds paying the way of private industry as well?  I guess it doesn’t matter since some of those consulting firms live on public dollars anyways. I think the mayor may be a little too hopeful, though, that Philly will see the sort of population that Rio has – we’d need a 6 fold increase to match Rio and that ain’t gonna happen.

All in all, let’s not quibble over our local delegation’s carbon footprint in flying down to Rio and just hope they have plenty of fun in the sun!

Remember it's not Copabanana Beach -- youse not in Philly anymore


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