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Poor Kim Delaney.  She seemed so take-charge as Dectective Diane Russell in NYPD Blue.  Too bad that was just make believe, because she might have been able to redeem herself last week at the Constitution Center.

USAF Blues?


First bloggers, now bouncers.  When are we going to start regulating megalomaniacs in city government…?

(We like Randy LoBasso’s blurb about this in the Daily Grinder.)

Really, what else can we say…?

What's a penal institution!?!



Guys eating poison “chalk”?!?  Threatening to butcher and eat the President!?!  Chester does appear to be a bit of a culinary wasteland, but does that mean the locals have to go loco in the locavore department?  And is it just a coincidence that there’s a local food purveyor by the name of Manly Fine Meats…?

Well, we may have to agree that the would-be cannibal has some valid policy questions, but his food politics make no sense at all.  If you’re roasting a politician (literally), you don’t want something scrawny and organic.  You want a nice fatty piece of meat.  You want to eat Republican!

Do you want the General So-so's or the extra Christie chicken?

Here’s our favorite criminal investigation insight of the year, by the Upper Darby police chief.

“Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood confirmed that Stelzenmuller was wearing a “rubber swimming suit” when he was found dead in the attic of his home. While no foul play is immediately suspected, Chitwood said he believes there is “more to it” than Stelzenmuller just trying on scuba equipment.”

We think there may be more to it as well.  In fact we might start with the admission that we’re not really even talking about scuba gear as normally understood…

And the winner of the Passional Boutique gift certificate is...


The blogosphere is a little poorer today for the loss of “Eugene David.”  His blog had a quirky take on the subjects that were (maybe not so) dear to his heart.  He was a civil servant who excelled at his job (sounds slightly oxymoronic, huh) while keeping up a running commentary via frequent posts to his blog.  His death was sudden and unexpected.  He will be sorely missed by his coworkers and by those who read his work.

It’s an old adage, but “follow the money” usually leads you somewhere when you’re in the world of politics.  In Philadelphia the path is usually a circular one that doubles back and loops around even if it appears to go nowhere…

In the School District of Philadelphia the twists and turns of cold hard cash can be like a labyrinth.  Our “Money Go Round” is a wild ride that tries to simplify that path.  The red arrows are for CEOs and founders; blue arrows are for board members; green arrows indicate political donations; and black arrows are other sorts of business and personal relationships.  We apologize for any omissions, but this stuff is COMPLICATED!

Enjoy this dizzying ride — and try not to get sick!