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Even the local infrastructure wants in on the fun!!!  But still wants to be comfortable at the same time!

This “costume” just appeared on a local hydrant in time for Halloween…

El Dia de los Unmentionables or...All Hanes Eve



Isn’t Blue Cross siphoning off enough of our hard-earned money for human health insurance?  Now they want to sell us pet insurance!?!

Yes, now Rover and Kitty can also pay outrageous premiums so veterinarians can share in the bureaucratic fun associated with “health” insurance companies.  But to be fair, perhaps Blue Cross just really cares about pets as much as they care about people.  They are setting up a new charitable foundation to provide more nursing scholarships AND to help poor uninsured people.  The grant amounts to low-income clinics will be comparable to what the IBX CEO donates to Republicans in a year.

Let’s just hope that some pet lovers don’t have to give up their own insurance to cover their furry friends.  On the other hand, pet insurance IS cheaper than the human kind, and with premiums skyrocketing maybe our only hope for seeing a medical professional in the future will be if we’re listed as Spot’s beneficiary….

American Healthcare -- An Impurrfect System




Arlene Ackerman, David Oh, and John Perzel.  If only the real world could be as perfect as the ones in their heads…

Oh, My Faux-Pas, to me they are so negligible...



Girls just don’t belong on the gridiron!!!  Then, again…

We have a rich history in Philly, and I’m all for preserving our architectural heritage, but there’s historic and then there’s “historic.”   Important buildings get demolished every day by developers with the right connections.   And with all the decaying infrastructure in our fair city, is this really the best use of a $5,000.000.00 grant?

Then and Now (not pretty, but still seems to work fine…)

Perhaps Rep. Fattah thinks that restoring the cherubs in the 33rd & Dauphin Street station will make the locals act more like angels.  A man can dream can’t he?  But, he could also probably find a better use for this money.

Photo by Joel Spivak of the station interior — designed in the days before all hell broke loose

(If you’re interested in the history of trolleys in Philly…click here.)

It’s a story as old as mummery itself — wanton women trying to tempt men from the straight and narrow.  Thank god these hussies were arrested and the innocent men allowed to go home to their families!  How could anyone know this sordid activity was taking place in such a wholesome, family oriented venue?!?  Yeah, right…

We’re talking about guys who spend most of a year planning for a day where they get to wear lots of make-up and dress in elaborate drag and we’re SURPRISED that they turn out to be FREAKS.  What are the odds that this is the only club with a “ladies auxilliary?”


Clearly this was just a fund-raising effort – just a big misunderstanding.  We also think it might just be a set-up and if you want to find the REAL culprits, take a look at who stands to benefit from no Downtowners in the parade on New Years Day in the fancy division…

And maybe those Bacon brothers knew more than they let on when they tried to “Save the Mummers” a few years ago…

Dey put da fun in fundraising!

And perhaps it’s just too difficult to keep your baton in your fancy pants…


Below are a few things overheard last night on Two Street…

Yo, dem guys was bangin’ more den drums!

Yo, are youse playin’ da SEXophone?!?

Dem Fancy Men put da BROAD in Broad Street!

Mummer’s STRUT?!?  I thought youse said Mummer’s SLUT!!

Dey was founded in 1959???  Are youse sure it weren’t 19-SIXTY NINE?!?

Officer, dey ain’t hookers, dey’re just da comic wenches!

Who woon’t wanna go down on a Downtowner?!?

Strumpets?!  No way, no brass instruments allowed in a string band.

Kenny Gamble’s Universal Companies is part of an educational partnership that’s set to go platinum – raising $100,000,000 in just 5 years.  That’s a lot of candy sales and glee club performances!

Usually public education is a drain on the local economy, but charter schools are like money magnets – even if they’re a far cry from magnet schools.  Oh, well, if Kenny can turn the beat around, maybe he can turn our schools around.

O'Pay Day!