“11 charged with prostitution in raid at S. Phila. Mummers club”

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Criminal Activity, Eating/Drinking, Entertainment, Philebrity/Celebrity, Sex
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Clearly this was just a fund-raising effort – just a big misunderstanding.  We also think it might just be a set-up and if you want to find the REAL culprits, take a look at who stands to benefit from no Downtowners in the parade on New Years Day in the fancy division…

And maybe those Bacon brothers knew more than they let on when they tried to “Save the Mummers” a few years ago…

Dey put da fun in fundraising!

And perhaps it’s just too difficult to keep your baton in your fancy pants…


Below are a few things overheard last night on Two Street…

Yo, dem guys was bangin’ more den drums!

Yo, are youse playin’ da SEXophone?!?

Dem Fancy Men put da BROAD in Broad Street!

Mummer’s STRUT?!?  I thought youse said Mummer’s SLUT!!

Dey was founded in 1959???  Are youse sure it weren’t 19-SIXTY NINE?!?

Officer, dey ain’t hookers, dey’re just da comic wenches!

Who woon’t wanna go down on a Downtowner?!?

Strumpets?!  No way, no brass instruments allowed in a string band.

  1. Anonymous says:

    They were having sex on the grassy knoll.

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