Petplan Insurance (Oh, Llamacare?)

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Bidness, Health

Isn’t Blue Cross siphoning off enough of our hard-earned money for human health insurance?  Now they want to sell us pet insurance!?!

Yes, now Rover and Kitty can also pay outrageous premiums so veterinarians can share in the bureaucratic fun associated with “health” insurance companies.  But to be fair, perhaps Blue Cross just really cares about pets as much as they care about people.  They are setting up a new charitable foundation to provide more nursing scholarships AND to help poor uninsured people.  The grant amounts to low-income clinics will be comparable to what the IBX CEO donates to Republicans in a year.

Let’s just hope that some pet lovers don’t have to give up their own insurance to cover their furry friends.  On the other hand, pet insurance IS cheaper than the human kind, and with premiums skyrocketing maybe our only hope for seeing a medical professional in the future will be if we’re listed as Spot’s beneficiary….

American Healthcare -- An Impurrfect System





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