Strawberry Mansion soon to be renamed Blackberry McMansion!!! (or maybe Brewerytown North?)

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Bidness, Hou$ing/Real E$tate, Politricks

Just remember, you heard it here first.  Don’t believe us?  Well latte da…

In nearby Brewerytown, this…

Will soon look like this…

And the redevelopment will just keep marching north.  In addition to a new area supermarket, Chaka Fattah recently got his $5 million grant to spruce up the SEPTA station at 33rd and Dauphin.  And one of his political donors owns acres of land in the area (thanks in no small part to city hall).  That donor also claims to be the ”Largest residential developer in Philadelphia…,” and is the only developer on the city’s zoning code commission (appointed by Anna Verna herself).  According to the developer’s website, “…Westrum has spearheaded the quest to revitalize under-utilized urban areas into thriving neighborhoods through creative real estate development.”

Westrum may have been biding his time, but it seems a harmonic convergence of gentrification may now be upon us.  We suspect, however, that some of the residents of those “under-utilized neighborhoods” may not be all that enthusiastic about the coming “improvements.”

You don't need a GPS app to tell you which way rents are headed...



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