“Penn grads petition for University name change”

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Edutainment, Style

If you’ve ever heard a UPenn student correct someone who has mistaken their Ivy League school for the state university, you know they’re just a tad sensitive about it.  So now it is not surprising that some students want to distance themselves as much as possible from that other (embarrassing) institution of higher learning — even if it’s only a semantic distance.   (There’s an article in today’s Metro.)

 It doesn’t look like there will be a name change anytime soon (UPenn is loathe to change historical names), but here are a few suggestions just in case:

This might be the most cost effective option


Why let that cool dolphin go to waste? And the Latin is classy!


Or maybe they could just change the design of their shield.  Though that might also be a hard sell since they have a pretty strict usage policy for those symbols.

Et tu, Brutus, you think we're a state school?


I'd rather have a social reformer possessed of an Inner Light than some fake feline for a mascot.


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