There are all sorts of unusual holiday traditions all over the world: the Austrian anti-Santa known as the Krampus; the giant Swedish yule goat that is traditionally a victim of arson; and that special Christmas chicken from KFC in Japan.

Some of the earthiest traditions seem to occur in Spain.  First is the caga tio, the log that shits out candy after a beating, and then there’s my favorite, the caganer.  The caganer is a pantless, squatting figure relieving himself in traditional nativity scenes.

The original peasant caganer figure has now been joined by a whole host of celebrity versions.  There’s a pooping Queen Elizabeth, a pooping Pope, and even one of our own Barack Obama.

Pooping in good company -- Einstein, Obama and the Queen!

This is a tradition that might be right at home here in Philly.  First, it’s ecologically friendly — a sort of “green” holiday figure.   And second, we have no shortage of characters who shit on the city.   It would be fun to have a pooping Philebrity.  Hmmm, now what potential candidate most recently and famously shat on the City of Brotherly Love…?

Former head of the stool department?


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