“Restaurants now have to pay credit-card tip fees”

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Bidness, Eating/Drinking

This is a great cost-cutting idea for all businesses!  Why not deduct corporate taxes from your employees’ salaries as well?  All credit card transaction fees should be paid by employees!  This way businesses can pay de facto lower salaries, reap more profits and pass that extra cash onto investors who deserve it.  Who cares about employees, they’re a dime a dozen and it’s become clear that the economy does just fine no matter how many slackers are out of work.  It’s not like card fees are part of the costs of doing business, and we certainly can’t  regulate credit card companies.  And how many servers does one restaurant really need anyway?

Waitrons are making ALMOST HALF of the federal minimum hourly wage.  What more do they want?!?    Why don’t they go work on Wall Street where you can make millions of dollars JUST FROM TRANSACTION FEES ALONE!?

(Truth is, despite Fox Rothschild’s Dickensian take on this issue, this bill simply does the right thing for restaurant workers.)

Here's a tip: next time leave cash for your server




  1. Ian Andrews says:

    This is a beat up . The Credit card companies charge fees for providing credit to the payer . Maybe the waiters should ask for tips to be paid in cash , or put a notice at the desk or on the menu to remind diners that credit card tips incur card company fees the same as any other charge does .

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