School Buses and Vacant Land to Generate Revenue Thanks to City Council

Posted: February 5, 2012 in Bidness, Green, Politricks

Wow, Blondell Reynolds-Brown is looking to raise money any way she can.  First keeping tourists and YOkels drinking till 3 a.m. and now putting advertising on the sides of school buses.

I wonder what other revenue producing schemes she’s got up her sleeve?  Collecting outstanding bail payments?  No.  Getting unpaid taxes out of local scofflaws.  No.  Hmmm…what about putting up cell phone antennas?  This seems like an easy source of funds, but they should be placed unobtrusively.

Is that a feather in his cap?

There are some other obvious avenues to pursue like naming rights.  We have Lincoln Financial field and Citizen’s Bank park (until of course they all become Bank of America) and there are still plenty of unnamed buildings in Center City.  Darrell Clarke is already planning to plaster advertisements on municipal properties.  And he wants to increase “street furniture” that will be covered in ads as well.

But why not think waaay outside the box.  Vacant land figures prominently in many of these schemes and the mayor is always bragging about how “green” we are.  Why don’t we use those brownfields to grow some CASH CROPS?  Nutter went to Rio to talk green.  Why don’t we send some of the folks from the Horticultural Society south of the border to get some economic tips!?!


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