Philly Pols Get a Marcellus Offer they Couldn’t Refuse

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Bidness, Fracking, Politricks

Some new legislation financially favors Pennsylvania country folk in the (potentially) lucrative Marcellus lottery, and Philly pols were caught between some shale and a hard place.  State Senator Joe Scarnati apparently wanted to give Marcellus gas drillers a break with no severance tax back when the Dems were in power in PA, and now that the GOP is top dog he’s championing well impact fees.  It was southeast PA pols who pushed for a severance tax that reportedly would raise much more revenue than impact fees.  62% of the state population DO NOT live on top of a gas shale deposit, but could benefit from the extra taxes.  Well impact fees will stay close to home and help out the other rural 38% minority.

If Philadelphia pols had not supported the legislation, Mr. Scarnati (a former restaurateur) “strongly suggested” that Philly would get no money when the fees were divvied up statewide.  It’s sort of a deal with the devil.  Republicans have enough power to push through the legislation, so even if our local reps oppose drilling they can’t vote their conscience because that would deprive Philly of needed cash coming from the provinces.  And since we send more money to the hinterlands then we get, it doesn’t make economic sense.

Ironic that some guy from the boondocks is acting like a mob boss from da big city…

So what's it gonna be punk-sutawney?


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