Year of the Bible: A huge cost saving measure for PA schools!!!

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Politricks, Religiosity

What a brilliant measure our state legislature has come up with.  We can save money and save souls at the same time!

  • Class size reduction – all you Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, and ESPECIALLY atheist kids can just stay home this year. 
  • We’ll need fewer teachers and fewer classroom aides. 
  • And we’ll need no new textbooks — just bring your bible from home!

For any non-Christian students who would like to attend school, we’ll have a special Home and School Conversion night just prior to the first day of school.  Students must bring a waiver if they want to participate in full immersion baptism.

There will be no American history requirement in the high schools this year.  This is a safety measure to decrease conflict in the upper grades and will eliminate any debate about constitutional issues.

Have a good year and GOD BLESS PENNSYLVANIA!  And while we’re at it, let’s all start praying that Corbett will be out of office soon…


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