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In Pennsylvania guess what’s currently considered one of the greatest threats to:

  • Wildlife and their habitats
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Human health and safety?

I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not a RIG.  It’s a PIG!  While fracking has been hogging the limelight as a serious environmental threat, our leaders in Harrisburg consider feral pigs even more serious. That’s right, there is an executive order targeting an invasive species of wild pig as a “significant, imminent and unacceptable threat” to the Commonwealth. 

See, the life of a state lawmaker is not all about wining and dining, it’s also worrying about swine!


Uh, oh!  There’s a NEW invasive fish species in town!  I guess Pylodictis olivaris is old news because he’s just not fearsome enough.  The scariest ichthyological newcomer is Channa argus – the Northern Snakehead.  The bad news is that both these invaders have voracious appetites and pose a threat to native species.  But maybe they’ll go fin to fin in an attempt to be top dog in our local rivers, and not have time to eat every other fish in sight.  (Ultimately it may just be a losing battle as there are plenty of other organisms just waiting to invade — the rusty crayfish, quagga mussel and “rock snot” to name a few.)


The Philly Pride Lady ™ (yes, that’s a trademarked term, and no she’s not a tranny, she’s a REAL lady) has 7 very Ladylike outfits.  They’re actually aprons, because she is engaged in domestic (as opposed to foreign) WORK on behalf of us, the citizenry of Philadelphia.  She is indefatigable in her pursuit of civic unity under our official flag, but how many of us even knew she existed?!?  In a town with no shortage of odd mascots (Curby Bucket,  Philly Phanatic, and (the late) Captain Sewer) the flag lady stands out.  So why isn’t she more widely known…? 

The Lady (who is originally from Topeka) appears to be an anomaly in this town.  She does not appear to be connected to any questionable characters nor look to be skimming cash from the city coffers.  It appears she does what she does through the goodness of her heart with a desire to improve life in the city by instilling civic pride.  She seems almost saintly…

We are left snarkless.

Did you know that March 27th is the birthday of Philadelphia’s flag?  And the city celebrates it every year?  (And yes, the city does have an OFFICIAL flag.)

The flag, with it’s IKEA colors (which commemorate the original Swedish settlers), is there to UNITE us.

The flag’s motto, “Philadelphia Maneto,” seems to have several translations, though the official one is: “Let Brotherly Love Continue.”  However, maneto, from the Latin manere, can have another, “earthier” meaning as well.  It can mean to spend the night – in a romantic sense!  Was this the inspiration for that Philly’s More Fun When you Sleep Over ad campaign…?

Maybe Philly Flag Day could usher in a banner year!  Perhaps by celebrating the flag we could change the city for the better.  By waving it (like the white flag of surrender) at gangs of marauding youth, it could cast a spell of brotherly love upon them and they wouldn’t pummel their fellow citizens.  Having politicians wrap themselves in the flag would be a GOOD thing as the four principals — PEACE, HOPE, JUSTICE, AND PROSPERITY – rubbed off on them and corruption disappeared from our fair city.  And if the unifying effects were flagging at some locations, then you could just call up the Philly Pride Lady who’d arrive in her colorful costume to give you a civic booster!  What a beautiful dream…

Sure there are other things you could be doing that day – working, watching TV or even going bowling – but I know what I’ll be doing on March 27th!

Philly's more fun when you're bowled over.

Isaiah Zagar was right all along!!!  Philadelphia is the center of the art world.  Maybe he’s some sort of homegrown Nostredamus…I wonder if he could tell us who’s going to win the Republican nomination…No, of course not!  Who cares about such a debased subject as politics!  Art is beauty, art is uplifting and art is NOT about money (well, mostly not, unless you’re trying to control a whole collection of it).  Sure the new Barnes Foundation on the Parkway, has membership levels as high as $25,000, BUT you may still be able to get in for FREE!

Philly is welcoming the new museum with open arms, and some think the collection has happily escaped the grasp of Lower Merion.  Stu Bykofsky, however (channeling the late Albert Barnes) has a very different take.  Well, as they say about money, you can’t take it with you.  And if you’re long gone, it’s not going to stay where you left it either.

It's an ART study center, not a YOUTH study center!

Today’s Daily News provides a creepy glimpse into what fuels Arlen’s ardor…Seems like there was more than one motor running on McCain’s campaign bus last election season, and Arlen writes about it in his new book.  This passionate passage shows he may be an old goat, but clearly there’s still a fire in the furnace…


Not another jobs bill…NO, it’s definitely NOT a jobs bill. Pennsylvania is looking to get rid of all human toll takers so driving in the future will be totally EZ  — EZPass, that is.

It’s a little difficult to sort through all the economics of this change and whether it really proves to be a great savings, but just how helpful is EZPass going to be when you’re a little turned around on the interstate and just need some help from a toll taker…? My guess is, not very.

 And what about us folks who live in cities, use carsharing, and only travel the interstate occasionally?  I guess we’re not part of the American Dream so screw us!

Our worldly governor is embarking on a mission to France and Germany.  It’s nice to see that such insular societies are allowing enlightened politicians from our great state to come and reveal to them how much they need us.  His visit will be like an awakening to those Europeans who lack so many of the finer things in life like we have here in PA.  Perhaps he can also help them with their inferior education systems and dissuade them from some of their radically insane notions about the environment.  He could also counsel them about the evil nature of trade unions.  I think the world would be a better place if Germany and France were just a little more like Pennsylvania…