Philadelphia Barnes the Center of the Art World

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Bidness, Edutainment, Style, Tourism

Isaiah Zagar was right all along!!!  Philadelphia is the center of the art world.  Maybe he’s some sort of homegrown Nostredamus…I wonder if he could tell us who’s going to win the Republican nomination…No, of course not!  Who cares about such a debased subject as politics!  Art is beauty, art is uplifting and art is NOT about money (well, mostly not, unless you’re trying to control a whole collection of it).  Sure the new Barnes Foundation on the Parkway, has membership levels as high as $25,000, BUT you may still be able to get in for FREE!

Philly is welcoming the new museum with open arms, and some think the collection has happily escaped the grasp of Lower Merion.  Stu Bykofsky, however (channeling the late Albert Barnes) has a very different take.  Well, as they say about money, you can’t take it with you.  And if you’re long gone, it’s not going to stay where you left it either.

It's an ART study center, not a YOUTH study center!

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