Philly Flag Day: Philadelphians United by Their Flag

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Edutainment, Politricks, Tourism

Did you know that March 27th is the birthday of Philadelphia’s flag?  And the city celebrates it every year?  (And yes, the city does have an OFFICIAL flag.)

The flag, with it’s IKEA colors (which commemorate the original Swedish settlers), is there to UNITE us.

The flag’s motto, “Philadelphia Maneto,” seems to have several translations, though the official one is: “Let Brotherly Love Continue.”  However, maneto, from the Latin manere, can have another, “earthier” meaning as well.  It can mean to spend the night – in a romantic sense!  Was this the inspiration for that Philly’s More Fun When you Sleep Over ad campaign…?

Maybe Philly Flag Day could usher in a banner year!  Perhaps by celebrating the flag we could change the city for the better.  By waving it (like the white flag of surrender) at gangs of marauding youth, it could cast a spell of brotherly love upon them and they wouldn’t pummel their fellow citizens.  Having politicians wrap themselves in the flag would be a GOOD thing as the four principals — PEACE, HOPE, JUSTICE, AND PROSPERITY – rubbed off on them and corruption disappeared from our fair city.  And if the unifying effects were flagging at some locations, then you could just call up the Philly Pride Lady who’d arrive in her colorful costume to give you a civic booster!  What a beautiful dream…

Sure there are other things you could be doing that day – working, watching TV or even going bowling – but I know what I’ll be doing on March 27th!

Philly's more fun when you're bowled over.

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