Philly Flag Lady (we’re not in Kansas anymore!)

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Philebrity/Celebrity, Style, Tourism

The Philly Pride Lady ™ (yes, that’s a trademarked term, and no she’s not a tranny, she’s a REAL lady) has 7 very Ladylike outfits.  They’re actually aprons, because she is engaged in domestic (as opposed to foreign) WORK on behalf of us, the citizenry of Philadelphia.  She is indefatigable in her pursuit of civic unity under our official flag, but how many of us even knew she existed?!?  In a town with no shortage of odd mascots (Curby Bucket,  Philly Phanatic, and (the late) Captain Sewer) the flag lady stands out.  So why isn’t she more widely known…? 

The Lady (who is originally from Topeka) appears to be an anomaly in this town.  She does not appear to be connected to any questionable characters nor look to be skimming cash from the city coffers.  It appears she does what she does through the goodness of her heart with a desire to improve life in the city by instilling civic pride.  She seems almost saintly…

We are left snarkless.

  1. My! My! Hello you FLAG-TASTIC “Phunny In Philadelphia” Crew!

    It is Philly Pride Lady™ writing to thank you for the kind comments while also proving the point that you have your hands on the pluse of the “Philly Civic Pride Vibe” – how did you ever find me?! I am the first to “LIKE” this little write up – proving your point that I am very much an “underground character” but, making some strides towards UNITY in the “above ground world” of this cool city named for LOVE- as I try to skirt the cameras (pun intended)! YES! St. Philli Girl would be a flag-nominal way to build the unity connection – gotta’ smile at “Imported From Kansas!!!”The comments, upon seeing the carton, would be priceless – “Who is this crazy chick on the box?” Anywho, I figure spreading the word of this beautiful Philly Flag and its message to “Let Brotherly Love Continue,” true translation of Philadelphia Maneto as written in the 1895 Philadelphia Civic Flag Ordinance, can’t hurt and might just bring about some unique unifying conversation – like your BEER BOX!!! So, bravo to all of you behind this enlightening web concept. I do hope to “Get YOU FLAGGED” with a Philly Flag, if our secret paths should ever cross… one can hope!

    The Philly Civic Pride Lady!™YEAH! YEAH!

    PS – Go to to nominate someone for the Philadelphia Maneto Award – the “Philly Flag Dollars” given away on March 27th is something to Tweet about!!!

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