“Invasive snakehead fish found in Tinicum”

Posted: March 24, 2012 in Green, Nature

Uh, oh!  There’s a NEW invasive fish species in town!  I guess Pylodictis olivaris is old news because he’s just not fearsome enough.  The scariest ichthyological newcomer is Channa argus – the Northern Snakehead.  The bad news is that both these invaders have voracious appetites and pose a threat to native species.  But maybe they’ll go fin to fin in an attempt to be top dog in our local rivers, and not have time to eat every other fish in sight.  (Ultimately it may just be a losing battle as there are plenty of other organisms just waiting to invade — the rusty crayfish, quagga mussel and “rock snot” to name a few.)


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