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That’s right.  According to Exelon officials, this event was not an EPPI,  so why bother folks with some anxiety provoking announcement?  And they release radioactive water with some regularity, so it would be a nightmare trying to inform everybody who might have even a passing interest.  As a courtesy, they did informally notify some downstream localities when the spill occurred — very civic minded of them.

And the NRC knows that the solution to pollution (or radioactivity) is dilution, so once the discharges hit the river the problem is solved!  Though, if I could speak for the creatures that live IN the river, I might have  a few questions…






Let’s hope this tough old bird can return to the wild.

Though, perhaps  it’s some omen, that our democracy, no matter how battered by morons, can survive and maybe fly again.  On the other hand, what kind of country destroys its own symbol?

In a nod to our puritanical past, Mayor Nutter has tried public shaming as a way of squeezing delinquent taxes out of local scofflaws.  He’s obviously not doing it right….What about stocks and a pillory set up on the mall near the Constitution Center?  Or tattooing a big scarlet D (for deadbeat) on the foreheads of the worst offenders?

Putting their names up on the city’s Revenue website does not seem to be doing much good.  (Despite the intimidating photo of Bernard Hopkins, who has had his own financial peccadillos).  Monica Wilson is this year’s biggest offender at around a half a mill – and she owes more than she did last year, so clearly the mayor’s tactics are not having much effect on the worst malefactors.

On one level, you have to have a grudging respect for these tax renegades.  They’re winning a game of chicken with a city that just blinks instead of taking any action.  A city government who allows hundreds of millions of dollars to evade the city’s coffers may be the real miscreants.  Maybe if we shamed THEM publicly, they might do their jobs…

It's hard to put any stock in what he's telling us...

Victor Fiorillo has a great article about tax cheats in the City of Brotherly Love.

If  Mr. Fiorillo’s math is correct, the city is owed approximately $618,000,000.00 in delinquent taxes.  Practically the equivalent of the GDP of a third world country…Oh, sorry, I forgot, we are a third world country…

The amount is staggering, and the hubris of  the perpetrators seems boundless.  Those of us who do the right thing should be outraged, but we all know that’s just the way it is here in Philly.  We’re beaten down and apathetic in the face of a completely dysfunctional government that continues to financially burden law abiding citizens while others get away with murder.

If only there was SOME agency in the city that possessed SOME proficiency in collecting fees from the citizenry!  It seems impossible that any department could be that efficient at such a task…


I, and several acquaintances who are not native Philadelphians, have heard the phrase, “…trees are dirty,” on more than one occasion.  It is, apparently, a not uncommon local sentiment.

If you believe a report in today’s New York Times, maybe we’d all breathe easier with a little more of that kind of philth in the CoBLo

But some Philadelphians are actually giving away FREE TREES (I guess in a place like this they figure nobody would actually PAY for such a thing?)

The mayor seems very supportive of this tree planting effort, so why does he allow our local electric utility to butcher our street trees on a routine basis?

Well, even our own Fairmount Park Commission does not always appear to be a friend to trees, though there are many arguments for removing mature trees in the city — erosion be damned!

With “The Lorax” booming at the box office, perhaps we can convince all our citizens that we should be blooming with trees!