Trees are Dirty…

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Green, Health, Nature

I, and several acquaintances who are not native Philadelphians, have heard the phrase, “…trees are dirty,” on more than one occasion.  It is, apparently, a not uncommon local sentiment.

If you believe a report in today’s New York Times, maybe we’d all breathe easier with a little more of that kind of philth in the CoBLo

But some Philadelphians are actually giving away FREE TREES (I guess in a place like this they figure nobody would actually PAY for such a thing?)

The mayor seems very supportive of this tree planting effort, so why does he allow our local electric utility to butcher our street trees on a routine basis?

Well, even our own Fairmount Park Commission does not always appear to be a friend to trees, though there are many arguments for removing mature trees in the city — erosion be damned!

With “The Lorax” booming at the box office, perhaps we can convince all our citizens that we should be blooming with trees!

  1. phunnyphilly says:

    If you google “trees are dirty” it’s amazing what you come up with:

    Botanical evidence of their dirtyness:

    Ethnic jokes:


    Sexual exploitation of our forest freinds:

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