“Blindness is no barrier for Center City triathlete” (But dumbness may be. Go ask Alice…)

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Edutainment, Politricks

An article in today’s Inquirer about an exceptional individual who happens to be a blind para-athlete just further emphasizes how dumb our state government is.  Dumb as in idiotic.  They seem to think, mistakenly, that every single audio book has already been put online (“Huh? Whaddya mean there ain’t no app for that?”) so they can just trash existing valuable media from a local library.

Alice Lubrecht, the acting state librarian, can’t even be bothered to consider an alternative to the ill-conceived, money-wasting consolidation of Philadelphia’s historic library for the visually impaired.  And the Kafkaesque tale of the library’s potential demise is like going down the rabbit hole.

In a state that seems bent on destroying public education, it may be a little unrealistic to think they give a damn about reading.

Change in Harrisburg is long overdue…


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