Mein Wawa? Gott du haben Wawa!

Posted: June 10, 2012 in Bidness, Criminal Activity, Eating/Drinking

We all know there’s more than one way to get gas at a Wawa…but now Wawa Corporate may have gotten more than a little indigestion itself, thanks to a hacktivist group taking down their websiteUGNazi, put up a kawaii Hitler on the site yesterday in protest  of…well, nobody really knows.  If you believe the comments on, it was most likely because of the lousy food they peddle.  Not a bad explanation.   Those hackers keep odd hours and Wawa may be the only option when there’s a late-night craving so they may be intimately acquainted with their soggy shortis.

For the uninitiated,  kawaii Hitler is essentially a cutesy-fied version of the furher.  Sort of like turning Satan into Hello Kitty…Why Nazis are considered cute is incomprehensible, but it may be that WWII is so much ancient history to the youngsters drawn to these designs, that they have no impact.

We might suggest, however,  that Wawa move Hoagiefest to Oktober this year — just a marketing suggestion…

There’s something in die Luft…OR…do you want fries with that hindenburger?


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