It seems the Pennsylvania Convention Center has come a long way in terms of customer service for conventioneers. Now it is MUCH less likely that union employees will shut down all the electricity in advance of your conference like they did back in 2004.

It should be stressed, however,  that poor customer relations IS NOT a Union problem!  Union boss, “Johnny Doc”  Dougherty, has called for privatization of the center by some worthy corporation (like a subsidiary of his political patron, Comcast) in order to improve customer service…It’s the unprofessional, local bureaucrats who ruin the convention experience, NOT the unions.  Sure, there are a few complicated work rules and maybe an extra fee or two, but Philly’s a complicated place with lots of history.

Okay, so maybe a few tools, destined for charity, went missing when the True Value folks were in town, but that could have happened anywhere.   And it’s a big country with lots of convention centers so not EVERY convention can be in Philly, and some groups don’t come back.  It CAN’T be because of poor services at OUR facility.  There’s surely some other explanation…

But what happens if by some chance we DON’T have enough conferences and conventions in our center??  What becomes of such a large empty building?

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