Mid Century Miscellany — Life at the Backwater Department

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Style

For anyone who doubts it’s always 1957 at the City of Philadelphia…Just today (yes, July 30th, 2012) my coworker needed a replacement light bulb and this is what he found…

It was an incandescent bulb that would not be out of place in Don Draper’s utility drawer. You might even recognize some “Mad Men” era lighting fixtures on the side of the package.  And speaking of mid-century advertising — flash bulbs!  What are THEY???  A 30-something coworker asked if that was the bulb in a flashlight…ahhh, youth.

What’s even more amazing than the age of this packaging, is the fact that THE BULB STILL WORKED. Take that, compact fluorescents!

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